Ellen is very knowledgeable... She explains things understandably and even goes beyond to help you learn about other important topics related to home buying and ownership. She is very receptive to her clients' preferences and responsive in communication.

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Ellen Pitts

About Ellen Pitts…

Ellen Pitts grew up surrounded by the real estate business. In her immediate family, she has a mortgage underwriter, loan officer, real estate attorney, engineer and Realtor. True to her roots, Ellen is a number-cruncher at heart and takes pleasure in analyzing the financial trends of the housing industry and helping her clients to understand how those trends affect the sale of their property. Ellen’s honest, down to earth approach allows clients to make informed and intelligent decisions to get the most out of their offers and negotiations.


When she’s not doing real estate…

“I love to cook! Especially if I grew the food myself or if it came from one of my farming friends. I spent 4 years on a small hobby farm in Granville County, growing nearly everything our family ate. That experience was transformational for me. Although family circumstances forced us to move back to the city, I hold the memories close, grow what I can on my half acre subdivision lot and live vicariously through my clients, many of whom are realizing their farming and urban farming dreams.”

Ellen lives with her husband, Timothy Pitts, and their four children in Raleigh.