magnet school charter school

Charter School, Magnet School, Traditional School: What is the Difference?

The most common questions I get when helping people find a new home are about schools. Schools in the Triangle are a bit different than other places. We have a lot of options. Parents can choose the neighborhood

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June Cary NC Market Update

Cary Market Update

Check back in July for the more detailed 2nd Quarter Update!

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Cary NC Development

Exciting East Cary Development News

East Cary’s central location makes it one of the most conveniently located areas in the Triangle. However, growth on this side of town has been slower than other areas. The Cary Town Center Mall

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do i need a realtor for new construction?

3 Reasons You Need a Realtor to Buy New Construction

Why You Should Always use a Realtor for New Construction Shopping for new homes is a lot of fun. And if you’re looking at new construction, you don’t need to depend on your agent’s schedule

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Cary Market Update 1st Quarter 2017

A couple weeks ago I posted my market predictions based on a single metric: expired listings. But that really only tells us part of the story. Now that all the data is in, here’s what happened in Cary

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Increase Your Home’s Value Up to 28% with These 5 Tips

Increase Your Home’s Value Up to 28% with These 5 Tips Great curb appeal not only makes your home the star of the neighborhood, it can also improve its value and help you sell it for more. Whether you’re

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Market Crash

Predicting the Next Housing Crash

A few months ago I wrote about an increase in expired listings in Cary. At the time, I suspected that the increase was due to our collective nervousness about the upcoming presidential election. And it

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What is the Best Time of Year to Sell My Home?

What is the Best Time of Year to Sell a Home? There are many answers to this question online. But real estate trends vary, not only from state to state and city to city, but even from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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Does a Seller’s Market Mean I’ll get a Full Priced Offer on my Home?

With all the hype about the Raleigh housing market many sellers have the expectation that they won’t need to negotiate on price when selling their home. But not all homes incite a bidding war and

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Cary Market Values

How Some Sellers are Decreasing Their Property Values

I’m a little bit behind on 4th Quarter Sales data. I just started this morning crunching the numbers so I could let readers know where home values ended for 2016. However, when looking at the data

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