urban farming

5 Things to Know Before Starting Your Urban Farm

For those who haven’t farmed before, it’s easy to daydream about raising your own chickens or milk goats on your quintessential urban farm. But before you purchase your first livestock, check

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preparing your home for sale

The Ultimate Seller’s Checklist!

Shari of Great Colorado Homes offers some great advice about getting your home ready for the market: …getting your home ready before listing it is imperative. You only get one chance to make a first

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top appreciating subdivisions cary apex nc

Top Appreciating Homes in Cary/Apex

Top Appreciating Subdivisions in Cary/Apex   Out of the top 20 highest appreciating subdivisions, 17 of them are in Raleigh. The other 3 are in the Cary/Apex area. Like I said earlier, if your neighborhood

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raleigh top appreciating subdivisions

Top 5 Raleigh Subdivisions with Highest Appreciation

  While the real estate market has been super hot in Raleigh this year, that heat has definitely not been evenly distributed. Some subdivisions saw exceptionally higher property value increases than

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Day trips from the triangle

5 Day Trips from Raleigh

Frontier Culture Museum – We’re only an hour from the Virginia border in the Triangle, which makes many spots in Virginia great options for day trips. If farming, architecture and historical daily

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fal outings raleigh, fall outings traingle

Five Fabulous Fall Outings for the Triangle

For me, fall is about getting out and about, taking every opportunity to see the beautiful changing leaves both from the car and by spending as much time in that cool weather as I can. To that end, this

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how much home can i afford

How Mortgage Rates Influence Your Monthly Payment

Mortgage Rates and How they Influence the Home you can Afford There are a variety of online calculators that can tell you how much you can afford to spend when you purchase a home. You can find mine in

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difference between charter and magnet school

Charter School, Magnet School, Traditional School: What is the Difference?

The most common questions I get when helping people find a new home are about schools. Schools in the Triangle are a bit different than other places. We have a lot of options. Parents can choose the neighborhood

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